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A Guide To Copying Your Student Emails

Don't lose your student emails

Graduated? Don't lose your student emails!

Sometime after you graduate you will lose access to all your student emails and email addresses

We highly recommend that you transfer your student emails to an alternative Microsoft based account as soon as possible

The simplest method is via an Outlook or Hotmail email account 

If you do not have one please create one temporarily, for this purpose

  • create an account, via the Microsoft account creation page
  • Select get a new email addresss
  • Ensure it is address, the process does not work with any other (except hotmail accounts)

Transferring student email to Outlook or Hotmail

1. Log into your (or account

2. At the top right of the screen, click on the cog  then Options

3. On the left under the heading 'Managing your account', click Import email accounts

4. Click Google (Gmail and contacts), then Start

5. Input the log in details for your old student gmail account eg, then your password (same as your MyBeckett one), then click Accept

6. You'll see a box advising that the import process has started.  Please note: Ignore the option 'Want to receive new emails that arrive in..' Your student email account will be permanently closed after you have graduated - so this isn't an option

7. Click Close

8. An indicator at the top of the screen (below) will show you how far the process has got, and when complete:

9. When the process finishes (it usually takes at least one hour, you can log out while you wait), your student email appears on the left under Categories (see image below).  Select it and at the top of your emails choose View: All

10. Use the search function top left, and lthe controls at the bottom of the page to navigate if needed

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