The Library

Passwords and PINs

Resetting your password

What is my username and password?

Logging in to the following requires a different username, password or PIN

The following require a unique log in

Wi-Fi - Eduroam

See our Wi-Fi page.

You need to log in with your username in this format and MyBeckett password.

Contact us if you need help.

Microsoft Office Online

Follow this link to Log in.

Ensure you are logging in with your student email as username e.g.

Your password is the same as logging in to MyBeckett.

Please refer to our help pages for Office Online

Contact us if you need help.

Topping up for printing online

You can top up your Campus Card for printing online in MyBeckett. Under the 'IT' tab, find the i-Print-Top-Up box and select 'Top-Up'.

Please see our guide on topping up online, for further detailed support.

Topping up online requires your username (e.g. c1234567) and a password that you need to choose yourself.

Contact us if you need help.

Topping up for printing in the Library

The kiosks are on the ground floor of each Library, in the Student Hub at Headingley and ground floor in Broadcasting Place.

Enter your PIN.

If you have forgotten it, log in to MyBeckett. Under the 'IT' tab, click on 'View Details' in the Campus Card box.

Contact us if you need help.

Borrowing items

You need your Campus Card and PIN to borrow items from the Library.

More information about borrowing is available.

Contact us if you need help.


Your Kiosk/Top Up PIN

Add money to your Campus Card to print, scan or copy:

  • first time? - select a PIN of your choice and confirm

  • enter your PIN

  • top up and print

Forgotten your top up PIN? To find it:

  • log in to MyBeckett

  • select the IT tab

  • scroll down to the Campus Card box

  • click on the  button to display your PIN.

Your PIN for borrowing

You need your PIN for self service borrowing in the Library.

To find it:

  • select the Library tab
  • find Manage Your Library Account

  • click on the  button

To change your PIN:

  • log in to MyBeckett
  • select the Library tab
  • find the Library Account box
  • click on the   button
  • click on the  button at the top of the page

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Member of staff?

If you have forgotten your password please contact the Staff IT Helpdesk:

0113 812 2222

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