The Library

Print, Scan, Copy and Bind

Additional (non-library) printers at City Campus

Building Location Colour?
Broadcasting Place (Humanities) G11 Y
Broadcasting Place (Humanities) 403 Y
Broadcasting Place (Arts) 306 Y
Broadcasting Place (Arts) 506 Y
Calverley G05 (Faculty Helpdesk) N
Calverley Opposite 113 N
Calverley Opposite 210 Y
Calverley Outside 101 Y
Electric Press Outside 203 Y
Electric Press 327 N
Northern Terrace Outside 117 N
Portland 101 Y
Rose Bowl 226 (Social Learning Area) Y
Rose Bowl Outside 217 N
Rose Bowl 317 (Social Learning Area) N

Additional (non-library) printers at Headingley Campus

Building Location Colour?
Caedmon 1st floor - Outside 118 Y
Campus Central Student Hub N
Carnegie Annexe Ground Floor - Outside G02A N
Carnegie Hall 1st Floor - Outside 118 (Kitchen) Y
  1st Floor - Outside 105 N
  2nd Floor - Outside 215 N
Cavendish Ground Floor Y
  1st Floor - Outside 102 Y
  2nd Floor - Outside 211 Y
  2nd Floor - Outside 221 N
Carnegie Research Institute 1st Floor Corridor Y
DTI Block 1st Floor - Outside 101 Y
Fairfax 1st Floor - Outside 105 N
  1st Floor - Outside 121 Y
  2nd Floor - Outside 204 Y
HC Pavilion 5th Floor - 526 Y
  4th Floor N
HC Stand Social Learning Area N
Leighton 2nd Floor - Outside Lift N
Macaulay Reception Y
  2nd Floor - Outside 209 Y
  Reception N
  1st Floor - Outside 103 N
  1st Floor - Outside 111 N
Priestley Reception Y
  1st Floor - Outside 102 N
  2nd Floor - Outside 211 N
  1st Floor - Outside 111 N

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