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Printers in Sheila Silver Library

Black and white printers are available on the ground, first, second and third floors. Colour printers are available on first,second and third floors in the Sheila Silver Library, City Campus

Screen shot and link to Sheila Silver Library Floor Plan

Printers in Headingley Library

Black and white and colour printers are on each floor at Headingley.

Link to Headingley Library floorplan pdf document

Additional (non-library) printers at City Campus

Building Location Colour?
Broadcasting Place (Humanities) G11 Y
Broadcasting Place (Humanities) 403 Y
Broadcasting Place (Arts) 306 Y
Broadcasting Place (Arts) 506 Y
Calverley G05 (Faculty Helpdesk) N
Calverley Opposite 113 N
Calverley Opposite 210 Y
Calverley Outside 101 Y
Electric Press Outside 203 Y
Electric Press 327 N
Northern Terrace Outside 117 N
Portland 101 Y
Rose Bowl 226 (Social Learning Area) Y
Rose Bowl Outside 217 N
Rose Bowl 317 (Social Learning Area) N

Additional (non-library) printers at Headingley Campus

Building Location Colour?
Caedmon 1st floor - Outside 118 Y
Campus Central Student Hub N
Carnegie Annexe Ground Floor - Outside G02A N
Carnegie Hall 1st Floor - Outside 118 (Kitchen) Y
  1st Floor - Outside 105 N
  2nd Floor - Outside 215 N
Cavendish Ground Floor Y
  1st Floor - Outside 102 Y
  2nd Floor - Outside 211 Y
  2nd Floor - Outside 221 N
Carnegie Research Institute 1st Floor Corridor Y
DTI Block 1st Floor - Outside 101 Y
Fairfax 1st Floor - Outside 105 N
  1st Floor - Outside 121 Y
  2nd Floor - Outside 204 Y
HC Pavilion 5th Floor - 526 Y
  4th Floor N
HC Stand Social Learning Area N
Leighton 2nd Floor - Outside Lift N
Macaulay Reception Y
  2nd Floor - Outside 209 Y
  Reception N
  1st Floor - Outside 103 N
  1st Floor - Outside 111 N
Priestley Reception Y
  1st Floor - Outside 102 N
  2nd Floor - Outside 211 N
  1st Floor - Outside 111 N

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