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What Is Adobe Connect?

Adobe Connect is used by some Leeds Beckett University courses for live online tutorials and / or meetings. Our guides explain how to use it.

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Technical requirements

To get the most out of your Adobe Connect session, we recommend you have both headphones and a microphone so you can talk and listen to everyone in the session. USB headsets are the easiest to set up, but other types will work.

Adobe Connect will work on the following:

  • Windows PC (Windows 7 or newer with Adobe Flash installed)

  • Apple Mac (OSX 10.8 or newer with Adobe Flash installed)

  • Apple iPhone (4S or newer)

  • Apple iPad (iPad 2, iPad mini or newer)

  • Android tablet ( Android 2.3.4 or newer)

  • Linux (Ubuntu 14.04 or newer with Adobe Flash installed).

What to expect from a session

Your tutors will present e.g. slides or their screen, and have a discussion with you, via voice and text chat. You may be asked to participate in a poll or a question and answer session. To optimise your experience:

Minimise other demands on your computer

  • During meetings, don't run other applications. Web applications (email, chat, etc.) compete for Internet bandwidth.
  • Make sure nothing else is using your camera or microphone so they're free for Adobe Connect to use them if needed.

Minimise competition for internet bandwidth

  • A wired internet connection is strongly preferred over wireless.
  • Make sure people who share your connection, e.g. housemates, know you're participating in an important web conference. Ask them not upload or download anything, or play web games.

Access a meeting

Check your PC is correctly set up by visiting

1. Your tutor will send you a link via email or through MyBeckett.

2. Click the link or copy and paste it into a web browser. We recommend using Google Chrome.

3. Select Enter as a Guest, type your name and click Enter Room.

To access the meeting on an iOS or Android device, download the app from Apple or Google Play Store

Set up your audio

Important: Prevent echo and feedback in the meeting by using a headset, NOT a microphone and speakers!

1. Click Meeting in the toolbar.

2. Click Audio Setup Wizard...

3. Click Next.

4. Follow the on-screen instructions to check your audio is working.

5. The wizard will tell you if it's successful and show you which microphone it's going to use (you may have more than one if you have a headset and webcam, so make sure it's the right one!

6. Click on the Finish button to exit the wizard or the Help button to solve any problems you're having.

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