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What is G Suite?

As a student you have access to G Suite, a range of communication and collaboration applications (also known as Google Apps). There are several component apps in the suite, such as Drive, Docs, Meet and YouTube. Google Apps are optional unless your tutor specifies that you must use one for your assessment/s.

Google Drive provides a collaborative online space for uploading, sharing, reviewing and editing files.

Google DocsSheets and Slides are collaboration tools.

  • You can create and share documents, spreadsheets and presentations without the need for office software on your computer.
  • You need an internet connection to share and collaborate, but you can work on docs offline e.g. on a mobile device and sync them when you next get a connection.
  • You can invite other Leeds Beckett students to work on the doc at the same time and comment on their contributions. They can comment on your contributions.
  • When your doc is complete you can make it available as a web page, email it as an attachment or save it to your desktop. 
  • Upload Word / Excel / PowerPoint documents to Google Drive and they'll automatically be converted into Google Doc format.
  • To find out if Google Docs is an acceptable submission format for your assignment, please ask your module tutor. Don't worry if you've already used it. You could write your assignment in Google Docs, save it to your desktop as a Word file and submit it to Turnitin.
  • For more help using Google Docs, Sheets or Slides, visit Google's official support and guides website.

Google Meet allows you to send messages and make video calls.

Looking for your student timetable? Please view the University's Timetabling website for student timetable guides and info.

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