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What is Turnitin?

Turnitin helps support the development of your skills in preparing written assignments and consists of three primary tools:

  1. Similarity text matching
  2. Feedback Studio online marking and feedback
  3. PeerMark peer assessment

Note, the Academic Integrity pages explain the University's definition of unfair practice in both written and video format.

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Frequently asked questions about Turnitin

Assignment survival guide

Everything you need to know to get you through your online assignment submissions.

Your submission

There are two main types of online submission (Blackboard and Turnitin assignments). Your tutors will usually ask you to submit text-based assignments (such as essays) using Turnitin, and large files (such as videos) using Blackboard assignments. 

For all assignments, make sure you check the due date in MyBeckett.

  • The two types of submission dropbox have different technical requirements in terms of file type / size / submission process etc. 
  • Please view our how to submit Turnitin or Blackboard assignment guides for more information.

This is what they look like in MyBeckett:

Blackboard assignment

Turnitin assignment

Which browser?

  • We recommend you use Google Chrome as your primary web browser. Chrome is a fast browser and is kept up to date by Google, reducing the number and effect of compatibility issues.
  • Although we recommend Chrome, no web browser is perfect. We suggest you install multiple browsers e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari (Apple Mac).
  • For more information, see our guide to recommended browsers, software and network connections for MyBeckett.

Wired over wireless

  • We always recommend that you use a wired connection when submitting work.

Wi-fi is great for catching up on Netflix, but wireless connections are prone to various connectivity issues when submitting marked assignments or large files (video files).

Many devices in a shared house may share the same bandwidth which will slow down your connection. Gaming, video streaming and downloading files all contribute to this network load.

Try not to submit at peak usage times (10:30- 13:30) and if multiple people are submitting in the house, consider staggering your submissions.

Consider taking a trip to the Library as the computers on campus enjoy faster upload speeds than most home PCs. If you're submitting large files (e.g. video files), we strongly recommend submitting from one of our fast, wired connections here at the University.

A table of average upload speeds for different file sizes is displayed below. This should only be taken as a rough guide, but it does give you a basic idea of how long you can expect to wait:

Equipment / connection

40Mb file (Turnitin)



University wired desktop

2 seconds

30 seconds

2 minutes

Home wired PC/Mac

30 seconds

5 minutes

15 minutes

Home Wi-Fi PC/Mac

5 minutes

50 minutes

3 hours

Digital receipts

  • When you submit a Blackboard or Turnitin assignment, you can see proof that you've submitted.
  • Follow the steps in our Blackboard and Turnitin guides to access a submission receipt.

Hand-in time, time in-hand

When it comes to technology, if it can go wrong, there's always a chance it will. So hope for the best, but plan for the worst. Leave yourself plenty of time to submit your assignments and potentially to contact help or support staff if something goes wrong.

  • Why not use the Skills for Learning assignment calculator to work out how long it's going to take you to complete an assignment?
  • The Help and Information Point on the ground floor of both Headingley and City Libraries is open from 08:30 - 19:00 Monday - Friday GMT and provides additional support outside of usual office hours. If you need help, our contact details are at the top right of this page.

Worst case scenario…

If you experience any problems submitting your assignments, see our Blackboard and Turnitin guides for more information.

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