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What to do if MyBeckett / Turnitin is down


What to do if MyBeckett / Turnitin is down

Here's the scenario. You’re ready to submit your assignment but you see that either MyBeckett or Turnitin has unexpectedly gone down. Don’t worry – here’s some advice:

The University has a process in place for this situation. We’ll be aware of the problem and be working to fix it. Unless you have an imminent deadline for an assignment, please be patient as the system may be back up and running again in time for you to submit. Follow the steps below in circumstances where the system has been unavailable for some time, or if your deadline is close:

1. Send an email to your module tutor explaining that the system is currently down so you’re unable to submit. You can use the text below as a template to email your tutor:

Dear MODULE LEADER, this email is to confirm that I’ve tried to submit NAME OF ASSIGNMENT to Turnitin / MyBeckett and have been unable to do so because the service is currently unavailable. The service uptime log can be found here, as evidence: I’ll submit the assignment when the service becomes available again. Thanks, STUDENT NAME.

2. When MyBeckett / Turnitin is available, try submit again. If your assignment due date has passed during the downtime, check with your tutor to see if they've created another submission link.

For any other submission problems you may be having, take a look at our Assignment Survival Guide, or at our MyBeckett and Turnitin  student help pages.

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