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What is an Article Processing Charge (APC)?

An Article Processing Charge (APC) is a fee charged by publishers to individuals or institutions wishing to publish their article in a journal which uses the Gold Open Access model

The benefit of this model is that anyone can read the research from the publisher's website for free, but the cost of the APC has to be considered too

Please contact your Director of Research in the first instance for guidance on what APC funding is available within your School

Discounted APCs

We have agreements with the following publishers which may mean your APC is discounted or free

Click on the links below for a list of journals included in these offers:‚Äč

Springer Open Choice (hybrid)

Open Choice journals have a waived APC. When your article has been accepted, please select Leeds Beckett University as your institution and you will receive confirmation that your charge has been reduced to £0

Sage Choice (hybrid) and Sage Premier

Sage journals have a reduced APC of £200. Please select Leeds Beckett University as your institution to receive the discount.  

Personal APC discounts

You may also be entitled to a personal APC discount or waiver. This may be because you have published with the journal previously, you are a peer-reviewer for the journal or because of your location/ the location of your co-authors.

Further support for choosing where to publish

The choice of where you publish is your own but there is support available too. You can speak to your Director of Research and  your Academic Librarian can offer subject-specific support and guidance 

Please contact us if you have any questions about a discounted APC or are unsure whether your chosen journal is covered

How does this differ from other publishing models?

There are currently two other types of Open Access publishing: Green and Hybrid

Green Open Access:

There is no APC charge because the research is not freely available to read from the publisher's website. Instead, the accepted version of the article must be deposited in a repository such as the Leeds Beckett Repository. This version will be made freely available to read online once any publisher embargoes have expired. 

Hybrid Open Access model: 

This is where a journal offers the option of either Green or Gold OA publishing and is increasingly common

Please note that funding is not usually available for publishing Gold in a Hybrid journal and therefore you are advised to take the Green OA route with any Hybrid journals 

Please contact your Director of Research for guidance on what APC funding is available within your School. You can also contact the Research Services Team for general guidance on APCs and Green, Gold & Hybrid publishing.

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