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Black History Month - October 2017

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October 2017 sees the 30th anniversary of the UK's Black History Month, which is a nationwide celebration of Black history, arts and culture.

As part of Black History Month, Leeds Beckett will be organising events throughout October. See below for more information.

The list below is a selection of research from our academic staff related to issues of race, equality and diversity and illustrates the contribution our academics are making in this area.

Research outputs

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Events to celebrate Black History Month at Leeds Beckett University

Black History and the Anti-Slavery Movement

Wednesday 4th October, 12:30 – 13:30 - Room 700, Leeds Central Library, LS1 3AB

As part of Black History Month, Dr Rob Burroughs discusses black history and the anti-slavery movement in the nineteenth century.

Focusing on the roles played by Africans in exposing atrocities in King Leopold’s Congo at the end of the nineteenth century, this conversation explores black contributions to humanitarian history, and the ways in which these efforts have sometimes been obscured by attention to the heroics of white anti-slavery activists.

Screenings at Hyde Park Picture House

The Centre for Culture and the Arts at Leeds Beckett is supporting a series of screenings at the Hyde Park Picture House for Black History Month in October. They are two ground breaking films by award-winning Martinican-born director Euzhan Palcy. Palcy is notably the first black female director to have had a film produced by a major Hollywood studio (MGM).

The first film will be Sugar Cane Alley, (1st October 15:15) based on a book by Joseph Zobel about his childhood in colonial Martinique. The film documents the lives of a poor black family living on a Martinique sugar cane plantation in the 1930’s. French colonial rule is seen through the eyes of a young boy, José, who through the many sacrifices of his extraordinary Grandmother gains an education and escapes his fate in the sugar cane fields. Details here.

The second will be Palcy’s Dry White Season (22nd October 15:00). Adapted from South African author André Brink's classic novel of the same name, Dry White Season follows a white schoolteacher living in Johannesburg in the 1970s, who gradually becomes aware of the brutal reality of the racially discriminatory Apartheid system that he is a part of. Details here.