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REF Audit

In Autumn 2017 each Unit will be conducting the annual REF Audit 

This is coordinated by your Director of Research, who will be in touch with you with information about how to submit your outputs 

It is essential:

  • All outputs are recorded in your Symplectic Elements account
  • suitable file is uploaded to the Repository using Symplectic 
  • Journal articles and conference proceedings are uploaded within 3 months of acceptance to comply with HEFCE requirements

If your outputs are not recorded in Symplectic with a file in the Repository, your research will not count for this exercise 

Please contact us if you need help with Symplectic or have any questions about the REF and speak to your Director of Research if you have questions about the specific requirements of your Unit

Symplectic for REF Audit Guide

This PDF provides step-by-step guidance on how to complete the REF Audit

Please note that the Audit has been tailored to each Unit's requirements and so some options may not be available/ relevant to you. If you have any queries about this, please speak to your Director of Research in the first instance

REF Audit: FAQ

Why can't I see the 'Start your REF Audit' button on my Symplectic profile?

If you have been asked to take part in the Audit but cannot see this option, please let us know and we will check the settings in Symplectic.

The Audit is set up for staff within a specific Unit of Assessment, as determined by each Director of Research. You may not see the button if you have not been added to this group, so please contact your Director of Research if you are unsure about whether you need to complete the REF Audit or not.

Why can't I select one of my publications?

Some restrictions have been determined by your Director of Research which limit the outputs that you can select for your REF Audit. These may limit the date of the output and the type of the output; for example, only journal articles and books written from 01/01/14 to 31/12/17 will be eligible. 

In the first instance, please ensure that the information in Symplectic is correct. You should contact your Director of Research if you feel your output should be eligible but does not fall within the criteria.

Why does my attachment fail to open?

Internet Explorer is the default programme for opening PDFs on Leeds Beckett PCs and doesn’t always open attachments properly. If you need to double-check your attachment, download it and select ‘open with system viewer’ 

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