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Symplectic FAQs

Research Students

As a research student at Leeds Beckett, you can be set up with an account in Symplectic to manage your research outputs and activity. Please contact us in the first instance to discuss your needs. 

For detailed information about Symplectic, please see our online guide.

Symplectic icons explained

Heart icon - Make favourite  Heart icon/Make favourite

This button can be used to identify “favourites”, which will feed through to Selected Publications listed on your staff profile

Eye icon - Make invisible Eye icon/Make invisible 

This button can be used to identify publications that will not be shown on your profile at all, either in Selected Publications or the full publications list.

Star icon - Make preferred data source Selected star

This button can be used to select the preferred source and set of details to show on your profile.

Arrow icon - Upload full text 

This button can be used to view or upload the full text of your output via our repository.

What is Symplectic?

Symplectic Elements is a research management system that collects all your research activity in one place. It makes it easy to maintain an up-to-date picture of research activity across the University and to make that research more visible online.

Log-in to symplectic







All members of staff have an account that you can access with your standard user name and password at or use the icon on your desktop.

All publications should be added to Symplectic within 3 months of acceptance from April 1st 2018, as mandated for the next REF.

Please see our REF guide for more information.

With Symplectic you can:

  • upload your accepted versions to comply with the Research England policy
  • manage your own publications
  • automatically retrieve bibliographic data from citation databases
  • manage your own research profile
  • easily import data from existing records (e.g. EndNote)

The Research Services team are on hand to help you to make the most of your research outputs. Please contact us if you would like a one-on-one guide to the system, or if you have any questions.

Am I the author?

Whenever you add an output to Symplectic you should usually select yourself as the author. Symplectic gives you four options:

Please select AUTHOR unless you have edited a book/journal/chapter or you have translated a text that you did not originally write. 

If you have a role such as Sound Engineer or Script Editor, please select AUTHOR - you can explain your role in more detail in the notes section.

Please do not select Contributor - this will create a duplicate record and affects our ability to accurately report on your outputs. We have created a quick PDF guide below and you can contact us if you are unsure. If you have previously added yourself as a Contributor, or you would like us to update the other role options, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Meet the Research Services team

Amy Campbell, Jennifer Bayjoo & Lucy Clark

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0113 812 4731