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Staff profile: FAQ

How do I create an online staff profile?

Please complete this online form and ensure your publication details are included in your Symplectic Elements account. The information you provide will be used to create your online profile.

How do I manage Selected Publications on my staff profile?

Symplectic Elements allows you to manage the list of selected publications that appears on your profile page:

Your staff profile features a list of Selected Publications which you can choose and update using the method below. All your publications are then listed below this feed; you can hide publications from appearing on your profile using the eye icon described below.


Heart icon/Make favourite  Heart icon/Make favourite

This button can be used to identify “favourites”, which will feed through to Selected Publications listed on your staff profile. 

To select a publication for the Selected Publications part of your profile, select the heart icon Heart icon/Make favourite on the record in Elements. Deselect the icon to deselect the publication.

Eye icon/Make invisible Eye icon/Make invisible 

This button can be used to identify publications that will not be shown on your profile at all, either in Selected Publications or the full publications list.

If you do not want a publication to appear anywhere on your profile, you can make it invisible by selecting the eye icon Eye icon/Make invisible

Your page will normally be refreshed overnight to reflect any changes, or contact us if you would like the change to be reflected more quickly.

Are open access files available to download from my profile page?

Yes. Once you upload your files to Symplectic, they are stored in our ePrints Leeds Beckett Repository and are available to download from your staff profile as a link on the respective record (as well as from the repository itself).

My bibliographic records don't appear as I would expect, what can I do?

Symplectic gathers data from a variety of sources to create records in your profile. The way data is presented varies between these sources, and so if your publication has multiple data sources, it may be formatted differently. 

You can choose the preferred source you would like to be displayed on your profile under the Data Sources tab with the Unselected star icon. Alternatively you can create your own manual record if you wish to include additional data for example.

1) Click on the Data Sources tab for the relevant publication.
2) Click on the  set preferred icon, shaped like a star, next to the relevant record in that tab. When selected, the star will change colour from Unselected starwhite to Selected staryellow. This will select the preferred source and set of details to show on your profile.

Preferred publications

Your page will normally be refreshed overnight to reflect any changes, or contact us if you would like the change to be reflected more quickly.


Check your publications

You can view your publications from Symplectic as they will appear on your staff profile (useful if you have made any changes). 

Visit this prototype feed page and input your Leeds Beckett email address.

Your page will normally be refreshed overnight to reflect any changes. Please contact us if you would like the change to be reflected more quickly.


We are always happy to meet with you for a one-on-one, informal introduction to Symplectic, our Repository or to discuss Open Access and the REF.

These sessions can be tailored to meet your needs and we can also provide group training, or you can book onto one of our sessions through iTrent.


Welcome to Leeds Beckett University. You are supported in the Library by your Academic Librarian and by the Research Services team. This page provides information about managing your Staff Profile and your research displayed there.

What is my staff profile?

Your staff profile is used to promote your research on the Leeds Beckett website. It features your photo and information about you, your current teaching and your research interests. For an example, please click the image of Professor Sue Backhouse's profile below.

You can provide or update this information by completing this online form.

(Please note that this information is not managed by the Library. If you have any queries about your profile you will need to liaise with your faculty marketing representative and the Digital Development team.)

Your profile also features a list of your selected publications, which you manage using Symplectic.

All members of staff have a Symplectic  account, just  log in using your standard Leeds Beckett username and password. Visit our help page for more information about how to display your publications on your staff profile or get in touch

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