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Most requested research from the Leeds Beckett Repository 2018

The Request a Copy feature of the Repository enables researchers, students and members of the public to request a copy of research that is still in print or otherwise restricted. The Research Service carefully manages these requests to stay within copyright and publisher rules, and also to collect statistics on the requests received. Below is the most requested researcher:

For more of Dr Dashper's research in the Repository click this link

Article Repository Link No. Times Requested in 2018

Listening to horses: Developing attentive interspecies relationships through sport and leisure


Confident, focused and connected: The importance of mentoring for women’s career development in the events industry


Smiling assassins, brides-to-be and super mums: The importance of gender and celebrity in media framing of female athletes at the 2016 Olympic Games


Challenging the gendered rhetoric of success? The limitations of women-only mentoring for tackling gender inequality in the workplace



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Top journals our researchers have published in over the last 5 years

What does this tell us?

The majority of journals our researchers have published in over the last 5 years are Hybrid journals. This means there are two Open Access (OA) models available to researchers when they are publishing in these journals - a free (Green) model and a payment (Gold) model. 

We want to encourage our researchers to use the Green model wherever possible or speak to your Director of Research and the Research Services team if you'd like to use the Gold model. For further information on models of OA, see our Open Access and REF pages

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