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Logging in to eresources

On Campus you may not need to log in into our electronic resources if you have already used Single Sign-On to log on to a PC.

If you do need to log in, use your standard Leeds Beckett University Username and Password to access most ebooks, ejournals and databases.

You will normally see either the standard Leeds Beckett login page or an OpenAthens login page 

 Some ejournals and databases have a specific username and password.



PressReader Updated

PressReader provides digital access to a variety of popular newspapers and publications and they can be read just like how you would do in the print format! 

Studying music? You'll be pleased to know that Mojo has just been added to PressReader!

Monthly Updates

Every month a large number of free titles are added to the ejournals collection as well as additional sources of existing titles.

Business Source Premier Updated

There has been 24 new titles added to Business Source Premier this month and all of these titles are providing SWOT Analysis information for different companies. These companies include - Greggs Plc, London Stock Exchange Group and Samsung C&T Corporation.

An overview and key facts about that particular company is given along with the strengths, weaknesses, opportunites and threats that are facing that particular company.


IEEE/IET Electronic Library (IEL) Updated

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HeinOnline Updated

HeinOnline has had a massive 167 titles added to it this month! 

There have been 29 new titles added to HeinOnline Law Journal!

Examples of titles include - Journal of Human Rights and the EnvironmentReview of Law & Economics and Studies in Ethics, Law, and Technology.

The U.S. Attorney General & Department of Justice Collection has had 31 titles added to it. Examples include - Civil Service Systems: Their Impact on Police AdministrationCorrectional Policy and Standards: Implementation Costs in Five States and European Alternatives to Criminal Trials and Their Applicability in the United States.

The U.S. Presidential Library has added 11 titles to the collection and an example of one of the titles that has been added is Administration in Foreign Affairs.

Women & the Law (Peggy) has had 78 titles added to the collection and one example of the titles that have been added is World View of Women: Social, Political, and Economic Attitudes: A Special Report.

World Constitutions Illustrated Library has had 16 titles added to it this month, one example of a new title is Individual, the State and World Government.