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This page has been developed in response to enquiries from final year students who are concerned they may not be able to have access to a wide range of resources when they leave University.

Remember that you can still have limited access to print resources through our alumni scheme, as well as being able to use public libraries.

The resources on this page are a collection of (mostly) freely available resources such as open access journals, websites and professional organisations designed to help you in your professional practice.


Evaluating information you find

Remember, a crucial stage of the evidence based process is evaluating the quality of research. If you are evaluating a website, you can use the CRAAP method:

  • Currency: how up to date is the information on the website
  • Relevancy: does the research answer your question?
  • Accuracy: does the author detail how the research was conducted e.g. can you find information about the sample size, or whether a pilot study was conducted, are the findings of the research transferable?
  • Authority; is the author contactable? What are their qualifications?
  • Purpose: what is the purpose of the site. Is it to sell you something or to educate?

Open Access

There is an increasing emphasis upon research which has been publicly funded to be made openly accessible to everybody. Research can be made available through good quality open access journal titles or through an open access subject or institutional repository. A good place to look for openly accessible journal titles and articles in your subject area is the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). Biomed Central is a similar resource containing over 280 peer reviewed open access articles.

Similarly OpenDOAR is an authoritative directory of academic open access repositories which allows you to search both repositories and their contents.

In addition, we all know how frustrating it can be when you can't access a crucial journal article, or you are asked for £20 to read it. The Open Access Button helps you get the research you want by searching elsewhere to find another version. If that doesn't work, the author of the research will be notified.

Professional bodies & websites

‚ÄčProfessional bodies are a valuable source of information when job hunting and planning your career path. See the individual pages to organisations on the subject page most relevant to your studies here Subject Support.

Remember to look at other Subject guides that might have other relevant organisations listed.

Pages on organisations and volunteering opportunities for your subject:

The careers team have produced a range of course related factsheets each of which have links to relevant professional bodies and associations.


Online general statistical resources

Office for National Statistics (ONS)

The UK's largest independent producer of official statistics. The statistics fall into these main categories

Agriculture and Environment Business and Energy Children, Education and Skills Crime and Justice
Economy Government Health and Social Care Labour Market
People and Places Population Travel and Transport


  • Published statistics from all Government departments


  • Official statistics from the European Union

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