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Help with your dissertation

You can book an appointment with your Academic Librarian (details on the right) who can help you find resources including journal articles, statistics and more. 

Use the Skills for Learning website for step by step guidance on how to plan and manage your workload, and how to structure your dissertation.

Search the Library Catalogue for books on writing your dissertation, for example:


Beckett Books Extra

This service allows you to recommend resource purchases for addition to our Library stock. This could be particularly useful to you if you are currently working on your dissertation and require books on a subject area we don't have in stock. To suggest a title, please fill in the Beckett Books Extra online form with as much information as you can; you can also find the form on the Library tab in MyBeckett.

To find out more information on Beckett Books Extra, see the guide here.

How to find past dissertations in the Library

We keep some printed dissertations and theses in the Library - but not for all subject areas. Dissertations are held within the normal book stock and theses in the High Demand Area at each campus. 

You can find these on the Library Catalogue:

  • type 'dissertations' into the search box and select Browse (see photo). Then click search.
  • you will get a list of dissertations split up into subject areas. Click the Next button near the top of the page until you find the topic that you are searching for, e.g. Contemporary Literature.


Other collections of dissertations and theses include:


Ethos aims to offer a 'single point of access' where researchers the world over can access ALL theses produced by UK Higher Education.

You can search the Ethos database without having to register, but you will need to register to download or order a thesis.

OpenThesis is a free repository of theses, dissertations and other academic documents, coupled with powerful search, organisation, and collaboration tools.

PDQT Open provides the full text of open access dissertations and theses free of charge.  The authors have opted to publish as open access and make their research available for free.  Please note the content is mostly North American

The DART-Europe portal offers free access to full text European doctoral theses.  The portal gives you access to over 360,000 open access research theses from over 500 universities in 27 European countries.

Evaluating information

Remember, a crucial stage of any research is evaluating the quality. If you are evaluating free resources you can use the REVIEW method:

  • Relevant: is the content relevant to your research?
  • Expertise of author: is there any information about who the author is, are they well known in their field, are they cited by others?
  • Viewpoint: is the information subjective or objective, is there a strong bias?
  • Intended audience: is it aimed at an academic audience, designed to inform or entertain?
  • Evidence: do they back up their claims with evidence, references and bibliography?
  • When published: is there more current information available, new evidence, new arguments to bring it right up to date?