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The Library: Registering for Creative Review

How do I register for Creative Review?

You must register before using Creative Review for the first time.

When prompted enter your

  • Name - you do not need to provide your real name, you can register with e.g. 'Anon Student'
  • Email - use your LBU email address
  • Password - do not use your existing LBU password, pick a new one (you will also need this to access the digital archive, see below)
  • Company Name - enter 'Leeds Beckett University'
  • Job Title - enter 'Student' or 'Staff'
  • Country
  • Where do you work? - enter 'Education'
  • Experience level - select any given option
  • What are your interests? - you need to make at least one selection
  • Click 'Sign Up'
  • You should then see 'Your access is confirmed'
  • Clicking 'Click here' should log you in and take you to the Creative Review homepage and provide access to resources
  • You can check if you are logged in by clicking on the head and shoulders avatar at the top right of the screen

If you are not logged in log in using your LBU email and the password you selected.

Please note, unfortunately there is a 48 hour delay after the registering (as above) until you are able to access content from the archive.  If you try before 48 hours you will see an error message "Your customer reference number was not recognised..."

After 48 hours, to access the current & previous online journal Creative Review please ensure you are logged in then click this digital archive link, and follow the instructions by clicking 'REGISTER FOR THE ARCHIVE'. The subscription reference ID will be given and is unique (apologies you cannot copy&paste), you will need to set up an account for Exact Editions using your LBU email, for ease we recommend selecting the same password as for Creative Review.  The archive will open via Exact Editions.

Subsequent access to the ejournal version of Creative Review, if not logged in click 'Log in', but do not select 'Leeds Beckett University' click on 'username' and enter your LBU email and previously selected password.