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What Is Adobe Connect?

Adobe Connect is used by some Leeds Beckett University courses for live online tutorials and / or meetings.

Your tutors will present e.g. slides or their screen, and have a discussion with you, via voice and text chat. You may be asked to participate in a poll or a question and answer session. 

To optimise your experience:

  • Minimise other demands on your computer:
    During meetings, don't run other applications. Web applications (email, chat, etc.) compete for Internet bandwidth.
    Make sure nothing else is using your camera or microphone so they're free for Adobe Connect to use them if needed.
  • Minimise feedback/echo by using a headset, or headphones with a microphone (eg like those supplied with iPhones)
  • Minimise competition for internet bandwidth:
    A wired internet connection is strongly preferred over wireless.
    Make sure people who share your connection, e.g. housemates, know you're participating in a web conference. If possible, ask them not upload/download, stream content.
  • Use google chrome as your internet browser

Frequently asked questions about Adobe Connect