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What is PebblePad?

PebblePad is your personal learning space in which you can create, record and store your learning and personal/ professional development. The items you create or upload into PebblePad are known as assets. Your PebblePad assets are private until you choose to share them.

Looking for quick tips to help you get started?

Try our PebblePad basics for more information about creating and sharing assets. You can also search our PebblePad FAQs below.

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Frequently asked questions about PebblePad

PebblePad basics

Getting started

You can access PebblePad via your web browser, or download the PebblePocket app for your mobile device.

Watch the video below for an introduction to navigating PebblePad.

Accessing templates (resources)

Directed by your Course Team, you may have to collect workbooks or other template resources that help you complete your PebblePad work in a structured way. Once you have saved a template, you can continue working on it from your Assets Store.

Adding/editing content

You can also create PebblePad assets (such as pages, workbooks and blogs) from scratch.

Sharing your work

There are three ways to share a PebblePad asset. If you are sharing a PebblePad asset as part of a module or placement, your course team will be able to advise on the method you should use:


When you submit a PebblePad asset for assessment, your tutors can leave online feedback via the system.

Alumni accounts

If you're about to graduate from Leeds Beckett University, you're entitled to a free personal PebblePad Alumni account. It allows you to take your PebblePad assets with you and continue to use PebblePad to support your personal learning and professional development as you move on to the next stage of your career. You'll have access to the Alumni account for free for as long as you need.

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