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What is Turnitin?

Turnitin is a web-based text matching system used by many universities worldwide. Your tutors will usually ask you to submit written work via Turnitin, as this helps to support the development of your academic writing and referencing skills. Turnitin consists of three primary tools:

  1. Similarity text matching. Turnitin compares text against sources to identify matches, and provides a percentage matched against other sources. For the first 4 submissions you make to a Turnitin Assignment, you should get a similarity report coming through within an hour or so, although it could take up to 24 hours. For any further submissions it will take at least 24 hours to return another similarity report and this could be up to 48 hours in peak periods. If the 'Pending' message displays for longer than expected, try opening your submission, as you may find that the originality report has been generated.
  2. Feedback Studio online marking and feedback.
  3. PeerMark peer assessment. Note, only a small number of tutors are using PeerMark, so please check with your tutor if this applies to you.

Note, the Academic Integrity pages explain the University's definition of unfair practice in both written and video format.

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