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Need to submit but MyBeckett / Turnitin is down?

Submitting? Here's what to do if MyBeckett, or Turnitin is down

Here's the scenario. You’re ready to submit your assignment but you see that MyBeckett, Turnitin, PebblePad or CAGD has unexpectedly gone down. Don’t worry – here’s some advice:

The University has a policy in place for this situation which ensures that system failure near to the deadline submission date and time is considered and an extension is applied where appropriate. We’ll be aware of the problem and be working to fix it. Unless you have an imminent deadline for an assignment, please be patient as the system may be back up and running again in time for you to submit.

Follow the steps below in circumstances where your deadline is close:

1. There is no reason for you to contact your tutor to discuss any mitigation or extensions if they relate to the system failure, but you need to follow our established procedure (below) to get the standard extension offered in the event of system failure close to your deadline.

2. Check the Library and Student IT status dashboard and ensure that the date of any failure coincides with your submission deadline

3. If the failure is still ongoing, check notification channels (MyBeckett modules tab, @BeckettLibrary) regularly. Possible extension details will not be published until the issue is resolved

4. Check the length of system failure and the extension details.

(If you require an extension beyond the one being provided you will need to do this through the normal mitigation and extension process, see your course handbook for further details)

Make sure that you include the following statement as part of your submission:

“Due to the failure of a University assignment submission system, which meant that I was unable to submit my work on the deadline date.  Please see the details of the system failure and the extension at this link:

For any other submission queries, take a look at our Assignment Survival Guide, or at our MyBeckett and Turnitin student help pages.