Discover for Franchise Students


Discover is your academic search engine,which searches resources available from Leeds Beckett Library. These include books, eBooks, printed and electronic journals and databases. Discover is a great place to start your research

We recommend using keyword searches in Discover to search for information on a topic. You can do basic and more advanced searches depending on the type of resources you wish to find.

*Please note, do not try to 'sign in' to Discover as unfortunately Franchise students are currently unable to, we are working with our supplier on a fix*

Basic search

Use the basic single box search screen in Discover. Type in a keyword such as an article title, author, or basic subject term.

Advanced search

Click on 'Advanced Search' in Discover.  This option will allow you to

  • input more specific details such as author and title
  • build more complex keyword searches
  • limit your search to scholarly (peer reviewed) journals, or specific image types such as eBooks, images or maps.

Further Discover Guidance:

If prompted to login to access resources, please use your MyBeckett login.  You will be unable to view any print books, but there are numerous eBooks available via Discover.