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Introducing Study Ready

This module will introduce you to what it's like to study at Leeds Beckett. You will reflect on how undergraduate-level study is different from your previous experiences at school or college and take a closer look at studying at LBU. Even if you have been a student before in the UK or another country, or are a mature student, the module will still tell you more about what to expect at Leeds Beckett.

It covers 4 key areas:

1)      Learning and Assessment at Leeds Beckett 

Find out where learning takes place, what type of assessments you could be set, and how they are graded.

 2)      Becoming an Independent Learner 

Learn what it means to become an independent learner, including planning your time and being proactive to get the most out of your studies.

 3)      Undergraduate Academic Skills 

Develop your understanding of the key academic skills at undergraduate level: reading, thinking and writing.

4)       Your Learning and Your Wellbeing

Consider how looking after your mental and physical wellbeing can also support your academic performance.

You can navigate this module by using the menu on the left-hand side of the screen, and by clicking on the links above.