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There are many different types of books aimed at different audiences. Textbooks tend to encompass a whole topic area fairly generally and are aimed at students. Textbooks are great for getting a background understanding of a topic.

Some books are written on more focused topics. Some may be aimed at an academic audience or experts and some at novices. Some are practical, some are for general interest. Some are aimed at practitioners and are intended to be a core handbook for daily working. They take longer to publish than articles and websites so the most up-to-the-minute information is often not available in books.

More information is available about books and ebooks.

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Some useful class numbers for Education

Class number General subject  Related area
370.1 Philosophy of education  
370.72 Research in education, including action research

See also:

001.42 for Research Methods in general

300.72 for Research in the Social Sciences

370.9 History of education  

Management and administration in education

See also

378.1 HE Administration
371.33 eLearning and learning technology:  
371.35 Methods of instruction, including distance and open learning.  
371.9 Special education  
371.914 Student support  
372 Primary education / Elementary education  

Art, teaching as a primary school subject

See also: School Practice collection classmark 707, for resources to help teach Art as a subject

Physical education, teaching as a primary school subject


Secondary education:


Further and adult education


Curricula development:


Higher education


A class number (sometimes called a class mark) is a series of numbers and/or letters found on a resource which indicate its subject area and its position on the library shelves.

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  • Final year undergraduates, postgraduate students and staff can borrow books and access journal articles not held by Leeds Beckett via our Interlibrary Loans service.

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  • Provides free access to details of materials held in over 180 UK national, academic and specialist libraries. 

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  • Students and staff can use other UK libraries through the SCONUL Access scheme, or by visiting the British Library reading room at Boston Spa.

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  • If you live in Leeds you can join Leeds Libraries for free and borrow books from public libraries across the city.