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Some useful class numbers for Health

A class number (or class mark) is the series of numbers and letters found on the spine of a resource to indicate where to find it in the Library.

Books about the same subject have the same class number, so will be located in the same area of the Library - this means that once you know the class number for the topic you are looking for, you can use it to find a range of relevant resources.

As a starting point, here are some useful class numbers for Health:

Class number General subject
174.2 Professional ethics
362.1 Public health policy
610-620 Medicine and Health
610.73 Nursing
611 Anatomy
612 Physiology
613 Health promotion and personal health
613.2 Dietetics
613.9 Sexual health
614 Forensic medicine, incidence, preventative medicine
615 Pharmacology and therapeutics
615.85156 Art Therapy
616 Specific diseases

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