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Print, Scan, Copy and Bind

How do I scan?

All Library printers can scan a document into a digital format (eg PDF or JPEG) which is automatically sent to your student email account

Scan your Campus Card on a printer and click on E-mail to begin.

Please note - the price per scan is 1p, so please top up before scanning

How do I scan to email? (a single image or page)

Scan to email: multiple pages to single PDF

A good option if you would like an electronic copy of a printed journal article (please see the Copyright Guidelines near the printers)

1. Go to any printer and hold your Campus Card near the Safecom panel until it beeps. When your name appears on the screen touch 'Email'

2. Place the first page on the glass plate, face down, portrait orientation, flush to the top left corner

3. At the bottom of the touch screen, press the down arrow next to 'More Options' twice

4. Press 'Job Build'.  Select 'Job Build On' and press 'OK'

5. Now touch the green 'Send E-mail' at the top of the screen to scan the first page. If it asks for the original size, A4 (210x297mm) will usually be the most appropriate 

6. When the 'Finish/Scan/Cancel Job' screen appears, if you have more pages to do place the next one on the glass bed and touch 'Scan.' When all the pages have been scanned, press 'Finish' on this page instead 

7. If asked 'Add Recipients to Address Book?' press 'No.' finally, touch 'OK,' then the 'Home Icon' (top left) and 'Sign Out.'

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