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How do I add credit to my account?

  1.  You can top up online using the ePay service with a debit card or PayPal.
  2. Please enter your student email address and the amount you wish to top-up. We do not recommend depositing large amounts unless you are expecting to print a large number of pages.
  3. Please Contact Us with any problems

  1. Go to a Campus Card Kiosk on the ground floor at either library, with your Campus Card
  2. Hold your Campus Card over 'Scan your card here'
  3. Press Top Up, insert your money, press Done, Close and lastly Exit
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How much does it cost?

Black & White
A4 Single sided 4p per page
A4 Double sided 6p per page
A3 Single sided 6p per page
A3 Double sided 10p per page
A4 Single sided 16p per page
A4 Double sided 30p per page
A3 Single sided 25p per page
A3 Double sided 48p per page

Keep the top ups small

Only top up with small amounts of credit, or credit that will be used.  Apologies but we cannot refund any outstanding credit when you graduate.

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