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The Library: SEAts - mobile attendance registration

Introducing SEAtS, an easy way to register your attendance at classes and lectures

New undergraduate students will need to register their attendance using the SEAts mobile app from Monday 25th September 2023. We will be making it available to the rest of the University over the course of the 2023-2024 academic year. This will be linked with your personal timetable, showing the specific sessions where you need to register. It’s a quick and easy process – all you need to do is open the app, find your upcoming session, and scan the QR code or enter the 6-digit one-time code shared by your lecturer.

Using the SEAts Mobile Attendance App

Step 1: Download the app

Step 2: Login

Login to the App using your university email (e.g. and normal university password.

Step 3: Open your upcoming session

  • Classes and lectures will appear in the App 30 minutes before their timetabled start.
  • Click "check-in" to open the session.

Step 4: Enter the check-in code

  • Opening the session will enable your phone camera to scan the QR code provided by your lecturer.
  • If your phone is unable to scan the code, you can enter the one-time check-in code [a 6-digit number] instead.
    • Note: the codes are only valid until the timetabled end of the session.

How to register your attendance using SEAts.

Ask us about SEAts - try searching our FAQ