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The Library: Wi-Fi

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What is eduroam?

eduroam (education roaming) is a secure wireless network, part of eduroam (UK). It is the recommended wireless service for all University users whilst working on-campus at Leeds Beckett and many other institutions.

Why should I use eduroam?

  • eduroam is encrypted and much faster
  • eduroam only has to be set up the first time – after that it logs in automatically
  • you can connect to eduroam when you visit many other universities
  • you won’t need to log in to most journals and electronic databases when you’re on eduroam, as they’ll know you’re a Leeds Beckett student (or member of staff)

How to log in to eduroam on your iOS device

How to connect to eduroam on your Android device

Ask us about eduroam - try searching our FAQ