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What is PebblePad?

​PebblePad is the University’s e-portfolio tool. It allows you to create 'Assets' to record and evidence your learning. You may be required to use PebblePad for some (or all) of your course, and this page will provide you with helpful instructions and guidance for doing so. 

As a Student, you will most likely be asked to create a piece of work yourself from scratch, or collect a template that has been created for you to work on. Whatever your assignment or task, you will create and accumulate Assets within your account.

The most common types of Asset are either a PortfolioPageBlog or WorkbookYour course team or tutor should provide you with an assignment brief or guidance on how you are expected to use PebblePad, which will make things clear for you. As different courses use PebblePad in different ways, bespoke guidance has been included on this page to cater to those courses (see 'Course-specific Help' below), alongside our general guidance. Please make sure you observe any guidance given by your tutor so that you are well equipped to get the most out of PebblePad.

You may also need to download PebblePocket, the PebblePad companion app, to quickly create or upload content from your phone.



Getting Started

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Managing Assets

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Course-specific Help

Using PebblePocket

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