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The Library: Research Data

What is research data?

Research data is information which has been created, collected or recorded to evidence research findings. 

Whilst usually digital, it can also be non-digital for example sketchbooks or laboratory notebooks. 

Research Data Management

Research Data Management (RDM) refers to the organisation, storage and preservation of your research data throughout the lifecycle of your project.

There are many potential benefits of good research data management for you, your institution, collaborators and others researchers:

  • Keep research safe, secure and lawful
  • Stay organised and efficient 
  • Increase research validity and integrity
  • Increase research visibility and citations
  • Enable collaboration and data reuse

Open Research Policy

Leeds Beckett University's Open Research Policy sets out our commitment to making the products of our research (both outputs and research data) publicly available.

UK Data Service

The UK Data Service has useful guidance on managing your research data throughout its lifecycle, including planning, sharing, data ethics, copyright and storage.