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Access your Reading List in MyBeckett for Recommended and Essential Reading. Find out how to make the most of your Reading List with our tutorial How to use a module resource list.

Search for your Subject Support page created by your Academic Librarian. You will find lots of information on useful resources from your subject area which will help you in your academic work.

You can also search the Library Catalogue or Discover to find more interesting and relevant resources. 

The Library also has a wide selection of eBooks which you can find more about on our eBooks page.

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Not sure how to find a book?

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How books are organised in the Library

The Library arranges its books according to the Dewey Decimal System.

This system organises subjects into 10 main areas from 000 - 999.

Numbers (classification numbers) are then added before and after the decimal point to identify the different subject areas, for example:

900 = History, Geography and Travel

940 = Europe

942 = England and Wales

942.8 = Northeastern England

942.81 = West Yorkshire

942.819 = Leeds

3 letters from the author's name are often added to the end of the number e.g. 942.819 THO. This helps with identification when there are a lot of resources at the same number.

Search for an item on the Library Catalogue to see how many copies are available at each campus and where to find them. 

Make a note of the item's classification number (eg. 060 BEC). You can then look for your book on the shelf. See the videos above for more details. 

Please see our Borrowing pages for information about borrowing and returning your books.

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