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The Library: Teams and Online Meetings

Etiquette for Online Meetings

When attending online meetings, we suggest following these simple tips and tricks for keeping things professional.

Test tech beforehand

To avoid any hold ups or embarrassment on the day, try testing your webcam or practice joining a meeting before the scheduled meeting time. That way, if you run into any trouble, you can check out the Library's guides or contact the Advice Team for help with plenty of time before you're due to meet.

Get dressed

It's tempting to just roll out of bed and into your online lectures but is important to pick up the habit of changing out of your pyjamas and brushing your hair, if you can, before logging into Teams! Not only is this going to help you to separate your 'study time' from your 'relaxing time' but it recognises the importance of looking tidy for work; something to keep in mind for when you've graduated and are moving into a full time professional career.

Be aware of your surroundings

We understand that it might not be possible to attend your online meeting anywhere but your bedroom; not all of us have the luxury of a separate office space. Where you can, try to make sure that whatever appears in the background of your webcam picture is tidy. We recommend, if possible, facing a window during your meeting for optimal lighting. You can also choose the blurred background option within Teams for instant privacy.

Say hello

When joining a small meeting, say hi as you enter. It can be akward in smaller meetings to see someone join followed by radio silence. Just make sure not to interrupt anyone mid sentence!

Mute your microphone

When you're not speaking, its best to mute your microphone; background noises from you typing, housemates or family passing by, traffic in the road etc can be distracting.

Raise your hand

In Teams, there is a function for attendees to virtually raise their hands before speaking. If the person coordinating the meeting doesn't mention this it could be worth suggesting it to them (privately to avoid embarrassment). The software is designed to handle just one person speaking, so if more try to speak at the same time, it can lead to audio fading in and out mid-sentence. Use the raise your hand function and wait for the person coordinating the meeting to indicate that you can speak.