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Skills for Learning: Maths & Stats


Click the buttons above to find out more about specific Maths and Statistics topics. The activities allow you to test your skills and identify any areas requiring improvement.

You will mark the tests yourself. There is no pass mark and no grade will be awarded. The purpose is for you to identify:

  • The topics where you are already proficient
  • Basic maths topics where you might need to improve your skills

We run interactive workshops to help you develop your maths and statistics skills. Find out more on the Skills for Learning Workshops page.

We have online academic skills modules within MyBeckett for all levels of university study. These modules will help your academic development and support your success at LBU. You can work through the modules at your own pace, revisiting them as required. Find out more from our FAQ What academic skills modules are available?

Improve your Maths and Statistics skills

Use examples

Find some worked examples from a textbook or maths website and go through them. Try to work out what steps have been used to solve the problems. If you struggle to understand the process, start with some simple problems and work up to more complex ones.

Practise, practise

If you practise, it will get easier. If you really want to improve your skills, repetition is important.

Attempt some problems by yourself and check the solutions, or ask someone to look at your working out.

Then, do some more!

Share the load

Try working with someone else. Show each other how you have tried to tackle a problem. It can really help to talk things through.

Top tip! Remember to ask for help if you are stuck.

Discover what you are doing wrong

Analyse your errors. Look at where you went wrong and work out what’s caused the problem. This way, you can determine whether you are likely to make the same mistake again.

Are you:

  • missing out steps?
  • doing the steps in the wrong order?
  • rushing too much?
  • making errors in calculations?

Maths test

Test instructions

  • Complete the test and write down your answers.
  • Then, open the ‘answers’ document and mark your work.
  • Finally, consult the ‘test diagnosis' document to see where you can develop your skills.

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This is because Skills for Learning live events have finished for this academic year. You can find recordings of sessions that ran this year on a range of topics on our Building on Feedback page.

Skills for Learning FAQs