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Civil Engineering

Researcher and PhD support

After exploring these pages and the help available from the Library’s Research Support, please contact your Academic Librarians if you would like to book an appointment to discuss your research needs.

Reading lists

Your module may have a bespoke reading list where your lecturers include the books, articles and other sources they would like you to read for that module.

You can find your reading lists on each module page in MyBeckett.

Welcome to your Civil Engineering subject guide

This guide contains information on the key resources your Academic Librarians recommend for civil engineering.

In addition to these, there are thousands of other books, journals, research articles, and other sources that are available to you via the following links:

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You can contact your Academic Librarians if you have any questions about finding relevant information, or if you want advice on developing your academic skills. Please email us or use our Get Help form.

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How to search for information

There is a Finding Information page on Skills for Learning which tells you about different types of sources and how to search them. It explains what searching techniques there are so that you can find the most relevant information for your needs. It also has tips on saving results and how to evaluate your sources.