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This is because Skills for Learning live events have finished for this academic year. You can find recordings of sessions that ran this year on a range of topics on our Building on Feedback page.

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Welcome to your Education subject pages

Academic Librarians support your studies through:

  • school liaison - working with your school to ensure the Library has the resources you need
  • teaching - delivering inductions, one-to-one appointments and specialist sessions to help you develop your skills
  • research support - supporting staff and research students to make the most of information sources

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If you are on a Distance Learning course you should also look at the Offsite services.

Can I find copies of past dissertations in the Library?

We keep some printed dissertations and theses in the Library - but not for all subject areas. Dissertations are held within the normal book stock.

You may also find it helpful to look at a similar subject, for example Childhood & Early Years and Playwork dissertations. You can find these on Discover:

School Practice Collection

Our School Practice Collection, located on the first floor of the Headingley Library, is intended to help you prepare for teaching practice, and to demonstrate the range of resources available generally and within schools. This online list  of School Practice Resources illustrates the range. The focus of the collection is 0 to 11, as the majority of secondary education material is shelved in the main collection.

Resources found in the collection have elements that could be given to a child. There is some overlap: you will find some resources aimed at the teacher, however associated materials will be child focussed.  So for example, while story sacks could contain puppets or story books for the child, they are designed mostly for the adult to use when supervising the child – story sacks are kept in School Practice.  “Child focussed” distinguishes School Practice resources from the other parent, practitioner and academic resources you can find in the main collection.

Resources are available to support the primary National Curriculum subjects and government strategies in literacy and numeracy.

You can find School Practice resources by using Discover.

Types of resources you can find:

  • audio visual: We have DVDs but the majority of our AV material is streamed using services such as Box of Broadcasts.
  • Kate Greenaway and Carnegie Medal winners
  • dual language
  • empathy dolls
  • fiction: Large-format subject material is kept in hanging racks. Subject material is shelved in the same Dewey order as adult stock. The descriptions below are from a child's perspective:
  • graphic novels
  • story sacks
  • subject material
Class Number Subject
000 - 099 Useful Information
100 - 199 The Mind
200 - 299 Religion
300 - 399 Words and Language
500 - 599 Science and Nature
600 - 699 How Things Work
700 - 799 Arts and Sport
800 - 899 Poetry and Plays
900 - 999 History and Geography