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Searching for a specific newspaper title?

You can access many national, international and regional news titles via the Ejournals A-Z

Search for the title of the news source.

International news titles are available via Press Reader.  


Newspapers publish information on a wide range of topics. Most are published on a daily basis in print and online, providing up-to-date information.

As well as reporting on current affairs, newspapers can be a valuable source of opinion and debate. Newspapers can be biased or subjective, so their content must be evaluated carefully.

Most newspapers have their own website where you may register (usually access is free) and view current news and a limited archive.

However, resources like Newsstand, which Leeds Beckett subscribes to, have large archives of many newspapers, all searchable in one online source.

We also take some papers in hard copy and the ones we subscribe to are on the Print News Resources tab. 

Copying newspaper articles

Newspapers are protected by copyright. Information on copying articles under licence is available. 

Key news sources

Other, more specialist news sources are available, particularly for historical research.