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Country reports


CIA World Fact Book 

Not as comprehensive as Europa World Yearbook (see below) but includes a brief summary relating to each country.

Country Profiles 

Full profiles provide an instant guide to history, politics and economic background of countries; from the BBC.


Europa World Year Book

Annual publication of two volumes that provide details of countries arranged alphabetically. Each section includes an introductory survey of general information (location, flag, currency), a synopsis of recent history, how the country is governed, economic affairs, social welfare and education. Tables of statistics include population, employment, and industry. 

European Countries

Basic facts and figures together with maps of each EU Member State plus links to websites of national governments, ministries and tourist offices.

European Neighbourhood Policy 

Website concerned with relations between the EU and its southern and eastern neighbours.

European Union in the World 

Includes items on foreign policy, external trade, humanitarian aid, etc.


Politico Europe is a Brussels based European affairs weekly newspaper. It provides commentary on many areas of European life.