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The Library: Law

This guide is managed by your Academic Librarians and contains links to the key subscription resources for Law. Explore sections of the guide using the top menu.

Your Academic Librarians encourage you to:

  • use academic resources 
  • examine the assignment marking criteria
  • research systematically by narrowing search terms and identifying common themes
  • accurately reference and avoid plagiarism to meet the expectations of a UK university
  • develop academic debate and critical thinking skills

Training and certificates for legal databases

Get certified on legal research tools to improve your legal research skills, and enhance your employability.

Lexis+ Library

Lexis+ UK Legal Research Certification is available in proficient and practice-ready versions covering either the law of England and Wales or the law of Scotland. 

Lexis+ Training Videos


Westlaw UK Certification Training gives you an interactive walk-through of Westlaw UK with the option to test your skills. If you decide to take the test and pass, you’ll be Certified in Westlaw UK and be sent a certificate to demonstrate your skills, which you can list on your CV. 

Login to Westlaw first before clicking the link for Westlaw UK User Guides.