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Key journals for Law

Enter the title or subject of the online journal that you want using the link below:


Journals (also known as periodicals, serials or magazines) are published on a regular basis and cover a particular subject or profession. Because they are published frequently, they are an excellent source of up-to-date information. Each journal issue contains a number of articles, written by different authors, all of which will relate to the subject covered by the journal. Different types of journals are published, these include:

  • scholarly peer reviewed journals: journals read by, and commented on by other scholars in the same field
  • trade journals relating to specific professions or industries
  • popular and news magazines

Journals often contain more specialised information than books, so you will use them as your academic interests develop, and they are useful for reading about more niche or specific topics. 

Key news sources

Newspapers publish information on a wide range of topics. Most are published on a daily basis in print and online, providing up-to-date information. As well as reporting on current affairs, newspapers can be a valuable source of opinion and debate. Newspapers can be biased or subjective, so their content must be evaluated carefully. Resources like Newsstand, which Leeds Beckett subscribes to, have large archives of many newspapers, all searchable in one online source.

PressReader has over 5000 publications from over 100 countries. Issues of magazines and newspapers appear as they would do in print, some titles that you can access include Computer Arts, The Guardian, T3 and lots more. You can access and read publications as a guest user without registering to create an account. To have more features and personalization you will need to register for a PressReader account. To register, click on the Sign In option, in the top right hand corner of the screen. You can select your favourite publications and can set up email alerts when a new issue of your favourite publication has been released.

Infotrac Newsstand allows you to search both current and archive newspaper content. Includes a Topic Finder tool, which you can use to discover the context of your search term and uncover hidden connections.

LexisNexis UK Newspapers allows you to access the full text archive of key news titles such as The Guardian, and search across different news sources.

Other, more specialist news sources are available, particularly for historical research.

You can access many national, international and regional news titles via the Ejournals A-Z.  Search for the title of the news source.

Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations

Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations allows you to search for the meaning of abbreviations for English Language legal publications. 

If you have a legal abbreviation you can find the name of the publication to which the abbreviation commonly refers. 

You can also discover how to abbreviate the name of a law publication to create a recognised legal citation. You will be given the preferred citation abbreviation (if one exists).