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Performance & Dance

Printed Performance & Dance journals

You will find these on the third floor of the Sheila Silver Library or the first floor of the Library at Headingley Campus. You can search on the Library Catalogue to see if we have a journal in print (select 'Journal title' in the drop-down list when searching):

Library Catalogue

​Aesthetica: A Review of Contemporary Artists (you can also access Aesthetica online)

Animated: The Community Dance Magazine (you can also access Animated online)

Contact Quarterly

Dance Research Journal (shelved at Headingley Campus Library. You can also access Dance Research Journal online)

Dance Theatre Journal (shelved at Headingley Campus Library)

NTQ: New Theatre Quarterly (you can also access NTQ online)

Participate (you can also access Participate online)

Research in Dance Education (shelved at Headingley Campus Library. You can also access Research in Dance Education online)

TDR: The Drama Review (you can also access TDR online)

Journal articles

Journals (also known as periodicals, serials or magazines) are published on a regular basis and cover a particular subject or profession. Because they are published frequently, they are an excellent source of up-to-date information.

Each journal issue contains a number of articles, written by different authors, all of which will relate to the subject covered by the journal. Different types of journals are published, these include:

  • scholarly peer reviewed journals: journals read by, and commented on by other scholars in the same field
  • trade journals relating to specific professions or industries
  • popular and news magazines

Journals often contain more specialised information than books, so you will use them as your academic interests develop, and they are useful for reading about more niche or specific topics.

Databases for finding Performance & Dance articles

Use Discover to search across a large number of different databases at the same time to find articles from a range of sources. Search with keywords that describe your topic to see what articles have been written:

You can also search on these separate, more subject-specific, databases to find articles:

Video: How to read a scholarly article

A Reference Librarian at Kishwaukee College Library has produced this helpful video on how to read a scholarly article:


Current newspaper articles

Newspapers publish information on a wide range of topics and as most are published on a daily basis, they provide very up-to-date information. As well as reporting on current affairs, newspapers can also be a valuable source of opinion and debate. Always evaluate the content carefully though, as newspapers can be biased or subjective.

Historical newspaper articles