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The Library: Politics & International Relations

This is because Skills for Learning live events have finished for this academic year. You can find recordings of sessions that ran this year on a range of topics on our Building on Feedback page.

Reading lists

Your lecturers have created bespoke reading lists to support each of your modules. These contain books, articles and other relevant materials and are a great place to start your research.

You can find them in MyBeckett.

Other guides for related subjects

Your Subject Guide

This guide is designed as a starting point for exploring research about Politics, International Relations and related disciplines. In each of the tabs, you'll find a variety of information resources which have been selected as a good starting point for research in that area. In addition to these, there are thousands of other books, journals, research articles, and videos that are available to you via the following links:

  • Discover
    Discover is your academic search engine, which searches over 90% of resources available from Leeds Beckett Library. These resources include books, eBooks and most electronic journals and databases. Discover is a great place to start your research.
  • Databases
    Databases are tools, often focused on a specific subject area or profession, which allow you to search for high quality information. You can use databases to find research articles.
  • Journals A-Z
    Journals are published on a regular basis e.g. weekly, monthly or quarterly and as such provide a good source of up to date information. Journals contain more specialised information about subjects than books, so you will need to use them as your academic interests develop. Most of your journals are available online on or off campus.