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The Library: Passwords & Cyber Security

Your username and password

To log in to MyBeckett, student PCs and Library and Student IT resources:

Your username is your student ID with the first number removed and replaced with a "c" e.g. 11234567 becomes c1234567.

Your password is the one that you use to log in to MyBeckett or a student PC.

Please Contact us if you can't log in.

Please remember to carry your Campus Card with you at all times.

Protect your password

Passwords protect your device or accounts. They keep your information private and safe from others. They need to be easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess or break. If someone discovered your password, they could gain access to sensitive information including your financial data.

Choose strong passwords so it is more difficult for people or machines to guess them.

  • Your password should be a minimum of 12 characters but it can be longer.
  • Try combining at least 3 random words to make a strong but easy to remember password. 
  • Make it complex by including; upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters in between the random words. Examples of special characters you can use are # $ % & ' ( ) * + - / : ; < = > ? @ [ \ ] ^ _ ` { | } 
  • Avoid words or numbers that can be easily guessed or connected to you (eg birthdays, pets' names, favourite sports team etc).
  • Make it significantly different to any previous passwords. 
  • Always use a different password for different accounts. That includes admin accounts. 
  • Keep your password private, avoid sharing it with anyone and don't write it down. 
  • Change it immediately if you suspect that your password has been compromised. 

Take a look at our guide on Protecting your Password for more information


Resetting your password

You can reset your own password, or unlock your account using multi-factor authentiation (MFA). You must have two methods of MFA set up.

If you have not set up MFA you can get your password reset by contacting us by phone 24/7 0113 812 1000.

Logging in to the following requires a different username or password

Wi-Fi (eduroam)

Username = your username e.g. c1234567 + (
Password = Your MyBeckett password
For further information see our Wi-Fi pages

Microsoft Office

Username = Your Leeds Beckett student email
Password = Your MyBeckett password
For further information see our Download Office pages

Ask us about log ins, and usernames & passwords - try searching our FAQs

Member of staff?

If you have forgotten your password please contact the Staff IT Helpdesk: