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Printed maps

We have printed Ordnance Survey maps in the Library – please look at Ordnance Survey maps on Discover to find out which titles we have in stock.

Printed geological maps

The British Geological Survey publishes geological maps of Great Britain and we have a selection in the Library. please look at British Geological Survey maps on Discover to find out which titles we have.

Also, the Leeds Local History Library has numerous maps of Leeds and Yorkshire, including geological ones.

If you are looking for a map of a different area you could look at the British Geological Survey website for a list of available publications and then borrow one as an Interlibrary Loan if you are a final year or postgraduate student.

Alternatively, Leeds University have a set of the "British Geological Survey. 1:250 000 series" in their Edward Boyle Library. You could consult these by applying for SCONUL Access.


Free map websites


ARCHI UK is adatabase of more than 200,000 British Archaeological Sites and includes free access to old British mpas, searchable by placename, coordinate or postcode.

A vision of Britain through time: historical maps

A vision of Britain between 1801 and 2001. Including maps, statistical trends and historical descriptions.

GeoHive by Ordnance Survey Ireland

GeoHive is an initiative by Ordnance Survey Ireland to provide easy access to publically available spatial data.

National Library of Scotland Maps

You can access and view maps that have been scanned as high-resolution, colour, zoomable images. The maps date between 1560 and 1964 and relate primarily to Scotland but also include maps of England, Wales, Ireland, Belgium and Jamaica.

Old Maps Online

A searchable database that contains old maps from worldwide libraries.

OS OpenData

​The Ordnance Survey's free digital map product. They are regularly updated and enable you to analyse data, build interactive websites and create visuals. You can use OS OpenData map datasets in any way and for any purpose as long as you acknowledge the copyright and the source of the data: [Contains OS data © Crown copyright and database right (year)].

For each country and region information is given on the size, total length of coastline, percent of Earth's land occupied by the country, population, description and maps.

Mapping and geology books and eBooks