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Building Surveying, Quantity Surveying & Architectural Technology

Top tips from your Academic Librarians

  • Access Construction contracts (NEC, JCT, FIDIC) on the Books & Contracts tab above.
  • Use Lexis PSL to find topic overviews, checklists and professional forms and examples.
  • Improve your Legal Writing skills using books from the Library.


Useful Library class numbers

Class Number Subject
340 Law Collection
343.078624 Construction Law
343.07869 Building Codes
624.0681 Construction - Financial Management
650 Management
690 Construction of Buildings
692 Building materials
696 Utilities

Finding legal materials

Slides on finding legal materials can be found by following the links below.

Researching Case Law

Finding Acts of Parliament

Legal Research Skills

You might also like to work through the online tutorial in the box below.

Library skills


A selection of legal information databases. Westlaw and Lexis contain different material so remember to check both.


Standards are nationally or internationally recognised ways of setting specifications or tests for products or procedures. In the UK the standards body is the ​British Standards Institution​. Many UK standards are harmonised across Europe (EN) or Internationally (ISO).

British Standards can be searched using:

America has a variety of different standardising bodies for different industries. The AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction) provides free access to its standards online.  

Referencing cases in Harvard

Referencing Cases:

If you look at page 52 of Quote, Unquote you will see what information you need to reference a Case in Harvard. We do not mention Westlaw, or any other database name, as Westlaw is not the publisher. Instead we just provide the case reference. An example of a case reference is:

Carlill v. Carbolic Smoke Ball Co. [1893] 1 Q.B. 256.

You should see this information at the top of the Case in Westlaw and other databases.

Referencing Government Publications:

Uk government publications (Acts, Statutes, Bills, Legislation) are on page 82 of Quote, Unquote

Again you do not mention the database provider, just the title, and date, and chapter number (c.) if there is one. See the example below, and look at Quote, Unquote for more examples:

Further and Higher Education Act 1991 (c. 13) London: HMSO.

Please note: you might be asked to use the OSCOLA referencing system rather than Harvard. See the box below for more information about OSCOLA. Always check with your tutor to find out which one you need to use. If you are still not certain just email your Academic Librarians.

OSCOLA guides

OSCOLA quick reference guide: A helpful one page summary.

OSCOLA manual: The complete version of the official OSCOLA manual. (Tip: Use keyboard shortcut "Ctrl+F" to search in the PDF document for a relevant word - e.g. "Footnote" or "Judge")

OSCOLA 2006: citing international law section

Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviationsallows you to search for the meaning of abbreviations for English language legal publications, from the British Isles, the Commonwealth and the United States.

OSCOLA guide from Lincoln University has more examples than the Official Guide.

Converting footnotes to bibliography in Word a guide by Allen Wyatt that shows you an easy way to convert footnotes into a Bibliography.