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Sound databases

Image collections

This extensive list of free image sources from around the internet may also help to broaden an image search.

Computer crime cases

Legal databases can be used to find more detailed information on computer crime than in news reports. When searching, remember that only around 6% of cases are formally reported, so it is not always possible to find a law report on a specific case.

Westlaw UK

  • Once logged in, enter the 'Cases' tab.
  • Type 'computer crime' into the 'Subject/Keyword' field (more precise than the free text field), then click on search. 
  • Relevant cases will then appear in a list. The case analysis link for each one will give an overview of the case, and also links to journal articles discussing it.
  • The subjects and keywords listed for each case will give you an idea what it is about. You can also use these keywords to refine your searching, producing more precise results next time. For example, try other searches for:
    • computer crime, forgery
    • computers, hacking
    • software, piracy

Lexis Library

  • Once logged in, enter the 'Cases' tab.
  • Type "computer crime" (with quotation marks) into the Search Terms field, and click on Search.
  • Narrow your results with the link for 'Information Technology and Communications' on the left of the screen.

Key news sources

Other, more specialist news sources are available, particularly for historical research.

Film and television