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What help is available if you have difficulty using printed books?

SensusAccess - convert your documents into accessible formats

SensusAccess is provided by an external company. Please see the SensusAccess Privacy notice for information about how they manage your data.

Conditions of use

SensusAccess allows students and staff to automatically convert documents into a range of alternate media. You can make an accessible copy if

  • you own the copyright (e.g. it's your own work),
  • you have permission from the copyright owner,
  • the copyright has expired,
  • any other copyright exceptions that may apply, such as small ‘fair dealing’ amount for research and private study,
  • you have a print disability or if it's for someone with a print disability.

In addition to the above, students and staff may also convert documents produced by Leeds Beckett University in relation to course work and University activities, e.g. module handouts, course packs, lecture notes, without prior permission from the University. This does not apply to published works or material where the copyright owner is not the University, unless you have a print disability.

Copies should be for personal use only. Please ask Library staff if you are unsure which documents can be converted.

Please be aware of the Data Protection Act when converting and storing files that contain personal data.

Students with a print disability using SensusAccess need to agree that:

  • the copy won't be shared with others
  • you abide by the requirements of the disability exceptions in copyright law.

Convert your documents

Please note you need to use your Leeds Beckett University email address with this service.

For help scanning a document into a digital format, please see Scanning & Copying.

For help using SensusAccess, please see these instructional videos and SensusAccess FAQs.

If you are unable to complete the SensusAccess tutorial below for accessibility reasons, please contact the Library Disability Support team.

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Pippa Wood & Susan Smith

Chat with the Library Disability Support team

Your chat will be handled by a team of Library staff who may discuss it with the Library Disability Support team or refer it to them for specialist advice. If you do not feel comfortable with this and would prefer to contact the Library Disability Support team directly, please email